EMS S.A., the biggest domestic pharmaceutical company in Brazil Opens India Office

EMS S.A., the biggest domestic pharmaceutical company in Brazil, has registered an Indian subsidiary for the Liaison Office. The company was registered on June 1, 2017 with the Registrar of Companies, Delhi. The present address of the company has been given as B-12, KAILASH APARTMENTS NEW DELHI IN 110048.

Founded in the mid-1950s, the company has two industrial plants based in São Bernardo do Campo and Hortolândia, in the state of São Paulo. According to the data available, EMS was the largest pharmaceutical company in Brazil, generating some 6.75 billion reais – approximately two billion U.S. dollars.

Founded for more than 50 years and with 100% national capital, EMS has been the leader in the Brazilian pharmaceutical market for more than a decade, belonging to the NC Group. This success is a result of the constant investment in research and development, the modern manufacturing infrastructure, the focus on innovation, agility and pioneering product launches, the synergy between the various business units and the talent of thousands of employees. EMS also has since November 2014 with Novamed, its production unit in Manaus (AM), as well as the Jaguariúna (SP) plant. Until 2017, will also be in Brasília (DF).

According to Forbes, Carlos Sanchez’s Real Time Net Worth — as of 6/29/17 was $1.66 Bn

The company has also been the leader in the generic segment since 2013 and is among the largest laboratories in prescriptive preference in Brazil. EMS S.A. has a strong presence in POS terminals throughout Brazil and operates in the areas of prescription, generic, brand name, OTC and hospital products, manufacturing products for practically all medical specialties.