Qatar University’s Fall 2020 semester begins

Qatar University’s Fall 2020 semester begins today with distance learning.

Students will not come to the campus until the end of the third phase of lifting of the Covid-19 restrictions imposed by the country.
QU’s Vice President for Student Affairs, Dr Iman Mostafawi, emphasised the necessity for students to attend lectures remotely as per the academic calendar, as well as following the circulars sent by the various departments via e-mail, besides regularly following up the blackboard system to ensure effective communication.Dr Mostafawi also called on students to follow Covid-19 precautionary measures, such as measuring temperature, wearing masks, observing social distancing, and activating the Ehteraz application, in the event that they are on the campus to receive textbooks.

Director of Academic Advising Center at the university Wedad Rebeeh said academic counselling offices will continue their work remotely, until the start of the fourth phase of lifting of the Covid-19 restrictions, adding that meeting with the academic adviser will not require a student to personally attend the campus, but rather by booking an appointment through the Appointment Manager system.

According to the university calendar, the last date for deleting and adding courses is August 20. Students can delete or add courses electronically through the student self-service system (banner), and benefit from remote academic advising services through the online appointment reservation system.

The university is scheduled to announce later this month, the details of the gradual transition from distance learning to on-campus education.