Retail Direct Scheme: Allowing Retail Investors to Open Gilt Accounts with RBI

As part of continuing efforts to increase retail participation in government securities, ‘the RBI Retail Direct’ facility was announced in the Statement of Developmental and Regulatory Policies dated February 05, 2021 for improving ease of access by retail investors through online access to the government securities market – both primary and secondary – along with the facility to open their gilt securities account (‘Retail Direct’) with the RBI.

In pursuance of this announcement, the ‘RBI Retail Direct’ scheme, which is a one-stop solution to facilitate investment in Government Securities by individual investors is being issued today. The highlights of the ‘RBI Retail Direct’ scheme are:

i. Retail investors (individuals) will have the facility to open and maintain the ‘Retail Direct Gilt Account’ (RDG Account) with RBI.

ii. RDG Account can be opened through an ‘Online portal’ provided for the purpose of the scheme.

iii. The ‘Online portal’ will also give the registered users the following facilities:

  1. Access to primary issuance of Government securities

  2. Access to NDS-OM.

The date of commencement of the scheme will be announced at a later date.

(Yogesh Dayal)     
Chief General Manager

Press Release: 2021-2022/518